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This page explains how you can log onto ARAMS to report your animal movements

To get started, you should check:

Your Internet Browsers

ARAMS will display best on your computer if you ensure you are running the latest versions of :
- Internet Explorer
- Google Chrome
- Mozilla Firefox
- Safari
They can be downloaded free from the internet.

Are you registered to use ARAMS

• Register for an ARAMS account before you can report your first electronic move.
Click here to read the registration guide.
• To register
Click here to register
• If you have forgotten your password Click here if you need to reset your password

How to log in to ARAMS

There are three ways:

• Through the internet
• A direct link between ARAMS and your back-office IT system
• Or your farm software package

Reporting your moves – via the internet

Reporting your moves – via direct links to ARAMS (package users)

Farmers ………………… click here

Markets / Abattoirs / Collection & Assembly Centres – if you wish to report via your back office IT system
When you register to use ARAMS do not select the access type: ‘ARAMS portal’ (that is for internet access only).
Instead, select ‘Package User’.
Once you have your Username and Password, give them to your back-office IT system provider.
Your IT provider will then use them to link your IT system directly to with ARAMS.

Farmers - with Farm Management Packages
You can (alternatively) choose to report moves to ARAMS using your farm management software instead of via the internet. Providers of farm software packages have had instruction on how to link their software direct to ARAMS.
Check with them if their software links to ARAMS.
If it does, then when you register for ARAMS select ‘Package User’ under the 'Access Type' heading.
(Do not select the "ARAMS Portal User" option).
Once you have registered, you will then be able to access your farm management package, using the log-in details you created during registration.

Abattoirs ………………… click here
Markets ………………… click here
Collection centres …… click here
Assembly centres …… click here
Shows ………………… click here
Please be aware that you can access the ARAMS application using mobile phones and tablets, however the applications are not formatted for mobile viewing. Therefore you may experience some compatibility or display issues. For further advice, please contact our Technical Helpdesk.

If you need help to register or report

Contact us using our helpline or e-mail address ....... click here

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